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I'd wondered what happened to the tunnel game.


Hmm. I think you're being a bit tough on morons, to be honest. As humans, we strive to NOT think about stuff. We categorise and stereotype as part of a (hugely successful) evolutionary adaptation towards increasing fitness (the Darwinian sort, not the Gymbox sort). Not thinking is actually an okay thing to do (or, erm, not) – it's what's made us so successful.

Obviously, there's a difference between the kind of not thinking that I'm talking about, and the kind of not thinking that you're talking about, but your article makes no effort to recognise or separate these two kinds of not thinking.

Have you read Blink? It's a book all about how snap judgements taken in a fraction of a second can and do have an irritating habit of being right. (Never quite got round to starting that one, so can't really present any evidence here!)

Am I just defending my position as a proud moron? Speaking as one with a psychology degree, you betcha. Done all my thinking already innit.

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