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Rowan Underwood

I don't think we're quite ready to say "post-platform" yet. Perhaps if Flash or Java ran on the ps3/wii/360, or if the locked down console had gone extinct we could say post-platform.

Additionally, even if the Ipad/browser based/smart phone devices were to rule the world, do you think it would be in any of those platform's interest to allow interoperability? See Apple's snubbing of flash for a sample.


It already is in more forward-thinking platform's interest to allow interoperability. HTML5 for example, is exactly that. And Apple have relented on their initial position on Flash as a dev platform (but not for their browser just yet).

However you're right in that it's not quite there yet. The post-platform future is not something that happens dramatically I think, it's quite slow, even boring, to actually watch in action. But there's a definite change in the prevailing winds.

Thanks for the comment.

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