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An interesting post. I agree with your analysis, but semantics are, as always, a challenge.

Are we post-platform, or is every developer creating its own platform. Does having a portfolio where you cross-promote between them all (like Zynga does) count as a platform.

The element that resonated most strongly with me is that second-rate developers used to have a modicum of protection if they were registered Sony/Microsoft developers, because not everyone had that status.

In the open world we are racing towards, where people can distribute on multiple platforms without a gatekeeper's permission, those who were mediocre and *benefited* from the gatekeeper will be in trouble.)

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Nailed it!

I think I might have to try this sunshine sauce myself. As I read it, it reminded me of a Bahamian cookbook I have. This sauce is very "islandy" in both it's content and name.

I might add just a hint of cumin to it, hopefully that won't muddle the color too much.

Great job.

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