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Wasn't across town – it was next door!


great observations. will have to stew on it a bit.
but wanted to ask one question (since I was waiting to see it, but don't think it came up):

isn't the $0.99 price point a way of offloading the price of marketing? (you drop your price to a buck for a day, and the money "lost" is really just your marketing budget fro the project. because all those who pick it up become more likely to engage in your best method of marketing: which is telling their friends about this deal they just scored.)

is this a valid way of thinking about it?


It depends on whether you intend to keep the price there or not. Sure, a short promotion to gain position on the charts and then a price hike is a way that many of the big brand publishers have used to try and juice the sales of their games. On the other hand, Angry Birds has always and only ever been 0.99 (that I'm aware of).

In the longer term, I think the lower price and the continuous delivery (as Angry Birds does) works better.

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