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Scott Macmillian of MacGuffinGames.com made a similar point in his Pax East 2011 presentation: Death of an Indie Studio. On slide 65 you start to get into the part about the spectrum between art and business. http://www.slideshare.net/ScottMacmillan1/death-of-an-indie-studio

Scott's point, which is parallel to this one, is that pure art doesn't make money. And pure business in computer games doesn't make art. But Zynga proves that pure business in computer games can make money. "Be somewhere in the middle between art and business".


Thanks for the link. I think I disagree with Scott's idea (as I inferred from the slides) of art though. Art most certainly is a business, but there is a difference between a business which is purely about process versus a business that's about connection.


I'm glad Scott commented on the next post, because my statements are a pale shadow of what he was really imparting. I think you both agree more then disagree... You just have a middleman mucking up the wording. ;)

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