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Great article. You make a lot of solid points. Games with a definitive, unique style to them make them stand out from the crowd which helps players remember you. If your product looks the same as 99% of the others next to it then it will not get a second glance and will become hidden by the flotsam of the marketplaces.

Account Deleted

This article reminded me of the video from @extracreditz : Graphics vs Aesthetics. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/extra-credits/3201-Graphics-vs-Aesthetics

Great to have clear and solid ways to expose the strong importance to have a good look and aesthetics.

Will you write in the future about the value of sounds and music for games branding generation? It came to my mind because I caught myself listening mentally to Tiny Wings' tune while reading your article :P


I think one major thing that often gets overlooked (but contributes greatly to style) is the sound design. Angry birds does a fantastic job of tying the Music + SoundFX into the game world.

That bird just seems so happy! - I think without the fabulous sound, Tiny Wings wouldn't have made it quite as far.


This exactly what I am moving into with my game at the moment. How to give it that distinctive style and make it its own game. The trouble is that I think style is something that you have to have in your mind the whole time while making the game but the actual end-result style only comes out in the 'polish' stage of the creation process. Very late in the game.


Great article. I can think of several indies with their own unique style right off the top of my head, but I can't do the same for big name publishers.

Joe Cooper

Fantastic as usual.

Sorry to bother about this, but I sent an e-mail, just mentioning it here in case it was spam-bucketed.

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