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Joe Cooper

I've enjoyed this blog because you think deeply about the topic and what you write rings true with me as a consumer of games as well as an observer of other consumers. It's never just a regurgitation of the standard lines and is above all else useful. You've succeeded in both remarkability and over-delivery. I'm looking forward to your book, I'll be buying it and recommending it.

Joe Cooper

Also, about the California thing. I'm from Oregon (north of Cali) which has a similar west-coast "frontier culture". Selenologist Dennis Wingo called Cai "the last place in America where people understand that sometimes the reward justifies the risk" and is also where Apple, SpaceX, that whole Hollywood thing and other trend-setters base themselves.

I think that some of what's written here about achieving remarkability and respect for art as a business and so on may have more resonance with that culture.

Robert Massaioli

Congratulations on so much hard work and well spent effort to write such great articles. I have to say that I like some of the articles that go into a little more depth and really explain the contents of what you are thinking correctly. Don't let the tl;dr people go too far.

Also if you are going to release your book for only 5 dollars then I'm sold. I have spent more for less before; this is a no-brainer. And on the kindle too. Thankyou so much for all the great work so far.


Thanks to you both!

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