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Oh I do remember this: "Fifteen years ago, a LAN party needed everyone to bring a PC and set up miles of network cable in someone’s living room" it cost me a few girlfriends.
More seriously, it still does fill quite niche even if equipment barriers are lower, it just either isn't a casual experience enough to be mass market or its so casual (wii) its a one time party trick. Still interesting field to explore.

Ava Dawn

One example of a local game is this:


Oh I wish I was there, it's so not the same thing for me at home here! Throwing in people in the same room and make them solve problems is so awesome.



I agree. Interest graphs tend to be smaller than social graphs, but also more dedicated. However I could see a role for some global/local games.

The trick with 'niche' as a term is that sometimes it reflects fixed tribes that are growing older and have no interest in growing, but sometimes it means the new thing that a few passionate users want to talk about and share.


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