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"Could we create agencies that act as rating services for prospective games to help investors navigate the territory better?"

We can and we should. Someone who already has the trust of investors and the knowledge to assess a game would be priceless to both sides of this dilemma.

Tornado Twins

And these posts is why I absolutely love this blog... it's pretty much the only one I read.
The last few paragraphs pretty much sum up the state of the industry, and the correct plans to launch your own business.
Incredible insight here!


Thanks so much Efraim!

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Spot on about how challenging it is to raise funds when you are a one game start up vs a one product start up. Its possible and we are proof of it but it takes some pretty smart and clued in investors.


These are the two strategies our company is following; we didn't know they were viable prior reading your post:
"create a software product completely independently of games (as a Valley company does) with a plan to segue into a game later" and "take some aspect of the game that you plan to make and create a gamification service".

Another great post: I hope the book will be out soon.
Thank you for sharing.

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